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Mine Defis Now! Follow the instructions below to start mining

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MiniZ | Gminer | LolMiner

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Let's mine DefisFollow the guide below to start mining Defis.

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To withdraw you old balance contact me at telegram @RavePool

6/12/2020: Pool is mining DEFIS now

5/16/2020: Grimm will fork to DEFIS on block 430,000

8/10/2019: Payment history now available

8/8/2019: Launch of pool.

* Always remember that this is an estimate only.
* Mining results may vary based on network difficulty and luck.


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How to mine DEFIS?Follow the guide below to start mining Defis.

Defis Wallet

To start mining you need a wallet where the pool can send your mined coins.

You can download the official Grimm wallet here:

You can mine XGM using your NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.


MiniZ | Gminer

AMD Miner

Lolminer | Gminer

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the correct miner for your machine, the next step is to start the miner using the proper commandline arguments.

You can copy the below command line and paste it on your batch file or download it by clicking the download icon.


Copy to clipboard
miniZ.exe --par=150,5 --pers=GrimmPOW --url=ssl:// -p --log --extra


Copy to clipboard
miner.exe --algo 150_5 --pers GrimmPOW --server --user WALLET.WORKERNAME --pass --ssl 1


Copy to clipboard
lolMiner.exe -a BEAM-I --pers GrimmPOW --pool --port 3333 --user WALLET.WORKERNAME --pass

Customize your command line arguments

Edit the command line arguments by changing the WALLET with your own XGM wallet address and WORKERNAME with your own identifier for your rigs so you can easily identify your rigs on your dashboard.

You could also set an email address using the password field so the pool can send you an email in case one of your miners goes down.

Pool Stratum Servers - US

Single GPU Mining: stratum+tcp://

Multi GPU Mining rig: stratum+tcp://

You can view your dashboard by entering your address on the search box at the top of this page.

On your dashboard you can see your total hashrate, hashrate per miner and the last time it sent a share. You can also view your balance and total amount sent to you by the pool. You can also enable notifications in case your miner is down.

Once your miners are working wait at least a minute for you to be able to view all of your miners on your dashboard.

You can request for payment once you reach the minimum payment threshold. So sit back, relax and just wait for your miners to accumulate more coins. Happy mining!


Our pool can be configured to send a notification in case one of your miner goes down. To do that just change the password parameter of the miner to your email address.

Everytime your miner disconnects the pool will send an email to your mailbox.

Make sure to whitelist or mark our email as "not spam" because emails sent by our mail server is being marked as spam. I am guessing it's because the IP of our mail server is still new which means the reputation of our IP is very low which makes it very likely for email providers to block our emails.

Offline miner email notification

Offline miner telegram notification ***soon***

Static diff support ***soon***

Low pool fee of 1.0%

Simple and user friendly one page dashboard. Everything you need is laid out on a single page.

Pool running on high effeciency stratum server.

Servers located in US and Europe soon

If you are are experiencing any issues or you have a question about our pool you can contact us via our telegram group: